Liaison with
Clinical Trial Networks

The KoNECT Collaboration Center aims to provide
a number of services, including the provision of consultation for
clinical trials plans in Korea as well as Asia.
This will be particularly suited to global sponsors
who are planning clinical trials for ethnic specificity or
for drug development targeted at diseases with a high incidence in Asia,
as well as those wishing to receive early approval for
new drugs via regional cooperation. In order to achieve these goals,
the Center will register and support a clinical trial-related
professional network that includes investigators, CROs and pharmaceutical companies in Asia (including Japan),
and act as a liaison to support partnering activities with
global sponsors.

support includes
- Providing up-to-date information on registered clinical trial-related professional networks to global sponsors
- Support for annual meetings of registered networks
- Formation and support for expert advisory committees
- Matching and liaison services for between registered networks and global sponsors
Application and
assessment procedure for
network registration
  • 1Applicant submits
    an application for the
    KoNECT Partners network
  • 2KoNECT Committee
    reviews the application
  • 3KoNECT Committee
    informs the applicant
    of the review outcome
    (within 2 weeks)
  • 4Discussions held
    between KoNECT
    and the applicant on
    how to move forward

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