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Meeting room reservation

The KoNECT Collaboration Center serves as an open community platform for networking and
business partnering among professionals in the clinical research field, locally and internationally.
The Center leases meeting rooms for clinical trial related meetings.

The KoNECT Collaboration Center includes 3 meeting rooms, two of which
(the Connect and Innovation rooms) feature video conference facilities.

  • Connect

    The Connect Room seats 30 with
    foldable desks and chairs.
    Pull down projection screen is
    available with overhead projector.
    The room is equipped with audio
    system with Microphones available.

  • Innovation

    The Innovation Room seats 20 with
    a shaped table and can
    accommodate an additional with
    side chairs. This room is equipped
    with video conference facilities such
    as Polycom with a flat screen TV,
    and a projector, pull-down screen
    and a large white board.

  • Collaboration

    The small size of the Collaboration
    Room creates an intimate and cozy
    atmosphere for small group
    business meetings or one-on-one
    meeting. This room seats 6 people
    around an shaped table and can
    accommodate an additional 2
    with side chairs.


Room rental is free-of-charge until the end of 2016. However, incidental costs are the responsibility of the applicant.

Rules regarding meeting room usage

We will provide individual announcements to applicants regarding operational regulations in using
the meeting rooms such as permissible food and drinks, clean up after usage, parking, etc.

Application Flow

Includes details of the steps from Application to Deposit Refund.

On-line Application Form

Organization Name
Meeting Title
Meeting Room
Rental Period ~
- Should be a day, or longer ~
Number of Attendees
Facilities & amenities
Other information that
should be noticed


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