Privacy Policy
The Korea National Enterprise for Clinical Trials (KoNECT) adheres to the following policy in order to safeguard
and preserve the privacy of our visitors as well as to settle visitors’ complaints. KoNECT will announce any revisions
made to the privacy policy through the noticeboard on our website.
  • For the purpose of
    personal data
    KoNECT processes personal information for purposes such as verifying visitors in order to provide more useful services,
    personal identification, prevention of abuse and unauthorized use, record keeping for dispute mediation, complaint settlement,
    and delivery of notifications, etc. The processed personal data will not be used for purposes other than providing these
    services to our visitors. KoNECT will seek informed consent from visitors in the event that revisions are made
    to our data processing activities.
  • Regarding items of
    personal data
    to be processed
    In order to provide enhanced service to our visitors, KoNECT collects and processes personal information
    in relation to our visitors as detailed

    1. Items for collection : name, email address, and contact details
    2. Method of collection : via our web site, phone and / or fax, and email
  • Duration of retention
    and processing of
    visitors’ personal data
    Visitor’s personal information is to be discarded after the purpose of personal data processing is achieved. However,
    records involving complaints or dispute settlements will be archived for 3 years according to the
    “Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Act, etc.” in the Republic of Korea.
  • Rights and responsibilities
    as the original owner of
    Our visitors can exercise the following rights as owners of personal data.
    1. 1. Request to browse, modify, and withdraw personal data of the visitors themselves or their children under the age of 14.
    2. 2. Request to modify and delete errors in personal information.
    3. 3. KoNECT will take immediate measures in response to visitors’ requests to the operator on duty through writing, phone call,
      or email regarding browsing, modifying, withdrawing and deleting personal information.
    4. 4. When a visitor requests modification or deletion of personal information, KoNECT will cease to use or provide
      corresponding information until the requested actions are fully completed.
    5. 5. KoNECT processes personal data that are withdrawn or deleted upon visitors’ request, according to the
      ‘Article 3: Period during which visitors’ personal data is retained and processed.’
  • Discarding
    personal data
    KoNECT adheres to the principle of discarding personal data without delay when data processing has been completed.
    The procedure, timeline, and method of discarding is as follows
    1. 1. Procedure for discarding personal data
      When data entries by the visitors are processed and used for KoNECT’s purposes, they will be discarded either
      immediately or following archiving in a separate database for a certain period of time following relevant rules and laws.
      The personal data archived in the separate database are not used for other purposes unless permitted
      by the laws of the Republic of Korea.
    2. 2. Timeline for discarding personal data
      When the period for personal information retention expires, such data is to be discarded within 5 days following the date of expiry.
      When personal information is no longer needed, in cases such as when data collection has been completed,
      services are discontinued, or related projects are completed, personal information is to be discarded
      with 5 days from the date on which the data are recognized as unneeded.
    3. 3. Method for discarding personal data
      The information is stored as electronic files protected using technical methods that prevent external
      access to the recorded materials. Information printed on paper is discarded by shredding.
  • Safety assurance
    measures for
    privacy preservation
    KoNECT enacts technical, managerial and physical measures to assure safety, in accordance with
    ‘Article 29’ of the “Personal Information Protection Act” of the Republic of Korea.
    1. 1. Establishment and execution of KoNECT bylaws
      KoNECT has established and follows bylaws in order to safeguard and preserve the privacy of our visitors.
    2. 2. Encryption of personal information
      Personal information of all visitors is encrypted. Passwords to the visitors’ accounts are also encrypted,
      and are known only to the visitors themselves. Reinforced security functions are implemented to protect important data.
      Data of greater importance are stored and transmitted with encryption, and electronic files containing
      such data are locked with passwords.
    3. 3. Limited access to personal information
      KoNECT takes measures required to limit access to personal information, through authorizing and de-authorizing
      access to the database system in which personal information is processed. Unauthorized access from external
      sources is limited through a firewall system.
    4. 3. Use of a locking system for document security
      KoNECT archives documents and auxiliary storage devices that carry personal information in a secure area with a locking system.
  • Operator in charge of
    safeguarding privacy
    KoNECT designates operators on duty to safeguard privacy, whose responsibilities are to protect our visitors’
    privacy and settle complaints on privacy issues.

    Operator in charge of privacy protection

    Department : Secretariat
    Name / Position : Sonu Baik / Secretary General
    Phone : +82-2-398-5015
    Email :

    Administrative staff in charge of privacy protection

    Department : Clinical Information
    Name / Position : Yeong-Bin Kim / Deputy Chief
    Phone : +82-2-398-5054
    Email :
  • Revision of the
    privacy policy
    This privacy policy is to be active from the date of enforcement. In cases where revision, addition,
    deletion or modification of this policy is required, KoNECT will announce the changes on the noticeboard of our website,
    7 days prior to enforcement of the new policy.
  • Recourse for infringement
    on rights and interests
    The owners of personal information can contact the Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee,
    National Internet Development Agency of Korea Privacy Complaint Center
    to apply for consultation
    addressing potential infringements of rights and interests regarding privacy.

    1. Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee : +82-118
    2. Committee for Information Security and Logo Certification : +82-2-580-0533, +82-2-580-0534
    3. Department of Cyber Crime Investigation, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office : +82-2-3480-3573
    4. Cyber Terror Response Center, National Police Agency : +82-2-1566-0112

    ※ This policy is in effect as of December 27, 2011.